The emotion is in the constant seek for knowledge.

Hemerson Vianna

Hi, Nerds Calistheeeenics!!

I am the unknown . (34 years old)

A web developer, practitioner of calisthenics, series marathon runner and who ventures into the financial market.


The pseudonym Nerd Calistênico was adopted by the union of the things that arouse my interest. The mixture of activities with adrenaline and logical reasoning.

The site has undergone several reformulations since 2011. The website has 9 blogs, several projects in Github and a few other channels on social networks.

Principais artigos

Preferências Pessoais






The blog Hemerson Vianna is intended to record studies about my profession to remember and share. The others approach subjects that I like to study and have more focus on my personal evolution, but also it does not cost to share.

Ex: IMHO Movies exists because I like movies a lot and with it training to write better and stay more aware of the details.

Organizations in GitHub

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